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Words at Work is here to help. This powerful little book, the first in the Write Faster Series, shows you how to shift your thinking, write with confidence, and boost your career.  


                            “CATCH THE SPIRIT OF THIS BOOK and follow the suggestions. I guarantee your                    writing will improve, and you’ll be a happier communicator.”
           —Thomas Moore, best-selling author of Care of the Soul

I’ve helped hundreds of writers just like you overcome their fears about writing so they can start writing with ease. I know these methods work because I’ve lived them—moving on from my own self-doubt and fear to the success of writing 15 nonfiction books, 1,200+ articles for major publications, and four (and counting!) novels.

Words at Work shows everyone from executives and entrepreneurs to aspiring fiction writers how to write in a clear, conversational, and creative style that people actually want to read. And every proven tip and tool can be applied to anything you write. Through essays and honest recounting of my own trials and tribulations as a writer, you’ll learn practical and easy ways to write—and succeed!

Words at Work shows you how to:
1. Overcome fear of writing
2. Write faster and easier
3. Organize information (no tedious outlines)
4. Use stories to engage your readers
5. Tap into your creativity (yes, you are creative!)

If you’re like me, right about now you might be thinking, “Yeah, but old habits are hard to break.” I hear you—yet over the past decade while teaching writing, I’ve marveled at how quickly people got over their fears about writing when they understand how the writing process actually works. (Like everyone writes lousy first drafts!) Once they discover that, they’re off and running.

In Words at Work, I share easy, step-by-step writing tools you can use over and over. You’ll learn not only how to write, but how to develop a writer’s mindset. You’ll feel more confidant and creative—and there’s no telling where that can lead.

Tired of dreading writing projects?
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1. Debunk 10 common writing myths such as "Successful writers write great first drafts" and "Successful writers are always motivated." Learn the truth and build your confidence.

2. Save time with five handy checklists: 1) Cut Through Fear & Dread, 2) Tell Successful Stories, 3) Edit for Success, 4) Tap into Creativity, and 5) Grammar Goof & Gaffe checklists. All the tools you need to write like a pro!

3. Write articles and blogs people actually want to read.

Get started now with these free tips. I've been using them for years—and they've helped me write 1,200 articles for major publications and 20 books (the 21st launches this summer).

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