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I'm so glad you've discovered my Appalachian Mountain Mysteries. I started writing them as a way to share amazing stories from my back-to-the-land experience in the mountains of North Carolina. I've kept writing them because of my readers. They told me they loved the characters, especially Abit Bradshaw, someone who started out in a supporting role but quickly became a star. Now that the trilogy is completed, I'm working on a storyline in which Abit's musical expertise is called on by the FBI. Stay tuned!


I've always loved a good mystery, especially in the British style where the dastardly deed is done "off stage." I don't enjoy mounting body bags and over-the-top violence, and you won't find them in my mysteries. 


I launched my Appalachian Mountain Mysteries in 2016. The first book in the series, A Life for a Life, has enjoyed international acclaim. The sequel and third booksThe Roads to Damascus and Welcome the Little Children—both launched in 2018. You can access excerpts from all three on my BOOKS page. Based on the reviews I've received, I think you'll get hooked!

"Cannot wait for the sequel [to A LIfe for a Life]. This author is going places! An earlier reviewer's comparison to “To Kill a Mockingbird” is justified. I have read and enjoyed lots of mystery novels, including series by NYT best-selling authors, but sometimes I've been disappointed by poorly drawn one-dimensional characters, intuitively unsatisfying relationships or contrived plots. Not with this book! My only disappointment is that now I have to wait for the sequel!"  —Miles G.

That sequel, The Roads to Damascus, has been enjoying positive reviews, too. More than 100 reviews for the series have given it an average of 4.7 stars out of five. 

"I just finished The Road to Damascus, having previously read A Life For A Life. Like delicious hors d'oeuvres, they left me panting for the next installment. I hope to God the delightful Fiona becomes Abit's second half. Ireland is a very important part of Appalachia's soul; it seems fitting that Abit finds fulfillment in an Irish rose. I find your fiction revealing of the human condition." —J. Porter

"I just started reading this book. I'm on Chapter 8, and the only reason I'm stopping is because a must get to bed!  I love it!"  Jenny C.


In the third book in the series, Welcome the Little Children, life isn't through throwing challenges at Abit and Della Kincaid. They get entangled in the investigation of a missing mother, searching for answers from the mountains of N.C. to the streets of D.C. 


"BRAVO! Another heartwarming and intriguing adventure of the Laurel Falls gang! Della and Abit become even more endearing as more is revealed of their personalities. A true gem, and I look forward to the next installment!" —K. Sorensen

And don't miss out on your free book.  Just click here to get your free novelette—Waiting for You—a prequel I wrote for my Appalachian Mountain Mysteries set between 1981 and 1984. I’ve pulled back the curtain on Abit's and Della's lives before they met in Laurel Falls. You’ll discover how Abit lost hope of ever having a meaningful life and why Della had to leave Washington, D.C.​ And as a member of my reader group, you'll receive occasional news about special offers, giveaways, and updates on future books.


I hope you enjoy them all!


Lynda McDaniel

Award-winning author and writing coach



"The most satisfying mystery I've read in ages." 
— Joan Nienhuis, book blogger