These days, I spend my time writing my Appalachian Mountain Mysteries series. I started them as a way to share amazing stories from my back-to-the-land experience in the N.C. mountains. I made mistakes by the wheelbarrow load, but I wouldn’t take anything for those years. My Appalachian Mountain Mysteries pay homage to the people of Appalachia who taught me so much.

To read excerpts from each of these books, head over to my MYSTERY NOVELS PAGE.

I've always loved a good mystery, especially in the British style where the dastardly deed is done "off stage." I don't enjoy mounting body bags and over-the-top violence, and you won't find them in my mysteries. Check out my style in the free prequel to the series: Waiting for You.

Before my novel-writing days, I crafted 1,200 articles for arts and culture magazines such as Southern Living, Country Living, AmericanStyle, Southwest Art, Yoga Journal, American Cinematographer, Chile Pepper, and Restaurants USA. Newspaper articles about art, food, and business ran in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Charlotte Observer, Seattle Post-Intelligencer,, among others.

​I've also written 15 nonfiction books, including several on the art and craft of writing. Check them out here (and scroll down).

For the past 10 years, I've also had the privilege to guide people through their own book-writing process—both fiction and nonfiction. Together we turn their dreams into reality. Let me know if you long to write, too. I'd love to help make that happen. 

Contact me for details about my developmental and other types of editing. I also offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation for writers who are serious about their craft. Let me know if you'd like to talk.

I love hearing from my readers. I hope you'll let me know your thoughts and questions. I'll get back to you ASAP.​

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Want to spend more time with Abit Bradshaw and Della Kincaid from my Appalachian Mountain Mysteries series? Get your free copy of the novelette, Waiting for You. Just click the button below to get started.

As I wrote this prequel, Abit and Della told me things even I didn’t know about them! I’ve pulled back the curtain on their lives before they met in Laurel Falls, between 1981 and 1984. You’ll discover how Abit lost hope of ever having a meaningful life and why Della had to leave Washington, D.C.​

Haven’t read the series yet? Waiting for You will get you started in style.​