My writing career started in the most unlikely place—a town of 200 people in the mountains of North Carolina. Although it was many years ago, I recall that day with the fiercest clarity. I'd found the Campbell Folk School, an amazing center for art, craft, and music (and featured in my novels as The Hickson School of American Studies). The director eventually asked if I’d like to learn public relations. To be honest, I should have answered, “What’s that?” Instead, I said, “Sure,” and took to it like ink to newsprint. I haven’t stopped writing since.


These days, I spend my time writing my Appalachian Mountain Mysteries series. I started them as a way to share amazing stories from my back-to-the-land experience in the N.C. mountains.

I've always loved a good mystery, especially in the British style where the dastardly deed is done "off stage." I don't enjoy mounting body bags and over-the-top violence, and you won't find them in my mysteries. Check out my style in the free prequel to the series: Waiting for You.

Before my novel-writing days, I crafted 1,200 articles for arts and culture magazines such as Southern Living, Country Living, AmericanStyle, Southwest Art, Yoga Journal, American Cinematographer, Chile Pepper, and Restaurants USA. Newspaper articles about art, food, and business ran in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Charlotte Observer, Seattle Post-Intelligencer,, among others.

​I've also written 15 nonfiction books, including several on the art and craft of writing. You can check them out here.

​I love hearing from my readers. I hope you'll let me know your thoughts and questions. I'll get back to you ASAP.​

All the best,