* Do you dread writing?
* Are you unsure of grammar and writing rules?
* Ready to start writing with confidence?


How Not to Sound Stupid When You Write can make it happen! I wrote this second book in my Write Faster Series as a companion to my award-winning Words at Work so I could share even more writing tips and tools. I’ve helped hundreds of executives and employees, authors and bloggers overcome their fear of writing and start writing with confidence. Whether you’re working on reports and emails, books and blogs, or social media and resumes, you’ll write them faster and stronger—with even better results.

Say goodbye to all those niggling and nagging problems with writing. Start faster and find more time to write; refresh your grasp of style, punctuation, and grammar; discover shortcuts to your writing success; and relax knowing you’re on the right path.

"Business writing godsend! Everyone who writes should have this book. They’ll soon be sailing through blogs, bios, proposals, books, and more!” ~Jenny Capella, author of Your Dream Team

How Not to Sound Stupid When You Write includes 52 writing techniques to kick-start your writing, improve your communication skills, and deliver the results you want. This Amazon Bestseller is a great reference book for the 21st century.


You’ll learn dozens of practical tips and techniques on how to:

1. Overcome any lingering fear or dread of writing

2. Start your first draft—fast!

3. Hook your readers from your very first paragraph

4. End with impact and effective calls to action


Through hundreds of examples, rules, tips, and techniques, this book  answers your questions and soothes your concerns. Before you know it, you’ll write with ease, know how to edit and proof, and avoid the most common grammar goofs and gaffes. You'll come away feeling confident about how to start writing any project.



                               Perfect the Art of Writing ~Rachel B.

"If you’re a seasoned writer, this book offers plenty of guidelines and practical tips; some of which you’ve probably heard before, but Lynda outlines them in an easy-to-understand, straightforward, friendly and encouraging tone."





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