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What Keeps Me Writing

I’ve been writing so long I have trouble figuring out what to do besides writing. But about five years ago, I did grow weary of writing so many nonfiction books and articles. And weary of all those editors pushing me to write like they do!

Then I began writing fiction. The storyteller in me finally got her say, and I could play with words any way I wanted. Even more importantly, I receive emails like this one:

“Hi, I'm waiting for your next story about Abit. Love all the people and what you do with them. ... Please keep me posted when the next one is ready to read. Thank you so much for all the hours of entertainment.”

Well, that made my day! People who take the time to write and share that the story moved them or entertained them or made them want to read more, that's what keeps me writing.

I’m currently halfway through writing the third book in the Appalachian Mysteries Trilogy (working title: Welcome the Little Children), which, I believe, will make the writer of this email happy, too:

“I just finished The Roads to Damascus, having previously read A Life For a Life. Like delicious hors d’oeuvres, they left me panting for the next installment. …”

Have you read the two books they're referring to? A Life for a Life and The Roads to Damascus are available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. I’m pleased with all the good reviews they've received—they keep me writing, too.

And if I can assist you with writing your books and articles, I’d love the chance. It’s gratifying to help people live into their dreams. (And I don’t try to make you write like me!) I offer a free 30-minute phone session, with no strings attached. Just let me know your availability. My schedule is flexible now that I get to write what I want, when I want. lyndamcdanielbooks@gmail.com

"A Life for a Life is one of the most satisfying books I’ve read this year. Everything about the book delighted me. I want to know more about the quirky folks in the North Carolina mountains and their southern customs."

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"The most satisfying mystery I've read in ages." 
— Joan Nienhuis, book blogger