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Read Free "The Roads to Damascus"!

The Roads to Damascus has been receiving great reviews, and now I am offering you the chance to see why—for free!

But first, I wanted to let you know that I’ve finished the first draft of the third book in the trilogy: Welcome the Little Children. I was amazed at how it almost wrote itself—likely because it's the third book. By now, I knew the characters so well, they easily conveyed how they wanted to wrap things up. And I’m telling you, they were creative! They delivered plenty of surprises, especially in the ending.

Okay, so how can you read the second book, The Roads to Damascus, for free? Just agree to review the book, and my colleagues at Reader Deals will send you a copy. No cost, no hassle. Check it out at: READ FREE!

Authors can always use more reviews—especially like these from readers of A Life for a Life and The Roads to Damascus:

“What a great follow-up to A Life for a Life, the first book in this series. … After finishing [that] book, I longed to discover more about Abit and his new life away at school. Abit is a young man on a mission and it's great to spend an entire book with him on his journey of discovery. Of course, there's a crime that must be solved and lots of rotten characters, as well as good people. A few good twists, too. Great pacing—I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this book, but read A Life for a Life first, so you can truly appreciate all that Abit accomplishes in The Roads to Damascus." – Malena

“After A Life for a Life, I was eagerly anticipating this sequel, and I was not disappointed. The suspense and plot twists were as riveting as before, but I think it was the characters and relationships that made the book so compelling. In contrast to the often inauthentic characters in so many novels I have read, Abit, Della and Alex (and now Fiona!) come across as utterly real – people I would like to meet if they existed. I also really appreciated the author's insights into the complicated relationship between the local people and the increasing numbers of former city-dwellers moving into their communities.” – Careful Shopper

Thanks in advance for your reviews—I hope you enjoy Abit and the gang. And it won’t be too long until you can read and review Welcome the Little Children!

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"The most satisfying mystery I've read in ages." 
— Joan Nienhuis, book blogger