BOOK 1: The past is the past, right? Not for Della Kincaid. After decades as a crime reporter in D.C., Della thinks she's settling in a quiet, idyllic town in the N.C. mountains ... but a walk in the woods changes everything. (The first-in-series e-book is free!)

BOOK 2: Abit got what he'd always wanted ... then lost it. Trying to find it again could cost him everything. Will Abit Bradshaw find the courage to fight for the one thing that really matters to him? 

BOOK 3: A mother disappears ... Is she lost in the woods? Kidnapped? Murdered? Abit Bradshaw and Della Kincaid join the search, but it's a slippery slope that takes them from the mountains of N.C. to the streets of Washington, D.C. ... and into dark places in their own hearts.

BOOK 4: A mysterious death in the North Carolina mountains. Then a second. By the third, the FBI finally gets involved. Trouble is, they’re looking in all the wrong places. Abit Bradshaw has a theory, but of course the sheriff and FBI don’t take him seriously.