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My Latest Book—Published!

Published! Welcome the Little Children, the much-anticipated third book in my Appalachian Mountain Mysteries series, is now available on Amazon.

I know I'm biased, but I think these books make great gifts, especially considering the emails and reviews I get from readers. Like this one I received earlier this year: "I just finished The Road to Damascus, having previously read A Life For A Life. Like delicious hors d'oeuvres, they left me panting for the next installment." And this heartfelt email I've read at least a dozen times: "I'm waiting for your next story about Abit. Love all the people and what you do with them. Thank you so much for all the hours of entertainment.” (Thanks to all of you who write me!)

Special Offer Box Set I just created a BOX SET of all three books in this trilogy—and I'm offering it at a special price. For only $9.99 in the Kindle Store on Amazon, you can give hours of enjoyment. That's three books with more than 900 pages of suspense, humor, and colorful characters. Like Abit Bradshaw, who's been stealing hearts since his debut in 2016. Check out the Box Set here.

Reviews Help So Much!

If you've already enjoyed the first two books, please consider leaving a review. Most folks don’t realize how much reviews mean to the success of an author (which helps them keep writing your favorite books!). Especially in today’s online world, reviews can make a huge difference. I'd be so grateful if you'd take a minute or two to post a couple of sentences and some stars. It's easy, and these hyperlinked titles will take you directly to the review pages:

A Life for a Life reviews The Roads to Damascus reviews

Free Copy of Welcome the Little Children Want to read Welcome the Little Children for free. If you agree to write a review in the next couple of months, please contact me about a free electronic review copy. It's the proverbial win-win—a good deal for me, and I believe you'll enjoy the book. (It's my favorite of the three.)

Thanks so much for your support—and best wishes for the holidays,



What Defines Family? DNA or Kindness?

Life hasn’t finished throwing challenges at Abit Bradshaw and Della Kincaid. In the third book of the series, they meet Astrid, a sprite of a girl whose mother is missing from her isolated rural mountain home. When Abit and Della get entangled in the investigation, they come face-to-face with the complexities of their own family secrets and lies. Set in North Carolina and Washington, D.C., their sagas celebrate friends and family, both the ones they are dealt and the ones they choose.

Unexpected Consequences

Once again, Abit faces a wide range of human experiences with grace, compassion, and humor. His authentic voice rings true as he confronts his grief, rectifies wrongs, and tackles transgressions. When he’s faced with a decision that could cost him everything he holds dear, he goes deep within to find answers.

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"The most satisfying mystery I've read in ages." 
— Joan Nienhuis, book blogger